Future Vision

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound is recognized as an important catalyst for world-class manufacturing. Through innovation, strong business development and other partnerships, the region is considered a focus of highly efficient and profitable manufacturing companies supported by a skilled workforce, leading edge processes and innovative solutions.

By partnering with the Center, small and mid-market manufacturers throughout Puget Sound can make the radical change from being low-cost producers to becoming high-value innovators. Because the Center understands manufacturers' challenges and opportunities, it is a widely recognized, respected and trusted business development resource.

The Center's strategic alliances with public and private resources have demonstrably helped manufacturers succeed in creating new business models, materials, processes and products for greater profitability. The Center's widespread reputation is for helping manufacturers to be on leading edge of the life cycle and accomplishing speed to market on a global scale.

There are a number of Guiding Principles, or core values that will be the foundation for the success of this public/private partnership enterprise.