Military to Manufacturing Career Pathways (M2M)

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS) launches Veteran Training Program

Military to Manufacturing (M2M) Career Pathway Program targets highly motivated Veterans, National Guard Soldiers, and Reservists returning to Washington State for skilled manufacturing careers.

Brochure CAMPS is a Washington State non-profit membership organization that supports regional Fact Sheet on the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Creditsmanufacturers to provide 21st Century workforce solutions for current and future job requirements. The opportunity presented by the CAMPS M2M Career Pathways Program is an 'industry driven' process to recruit, pre-qualify, train, and provide long-term career opportunities for Military Veterans, National Guard Soldiers, and Reservists. Click on THE WHITE HOUSE for company tax credit information.

The skill needs were expressed by regional manufacturers in a comprehensive workforce assessment where companies indicated a need for skilled applicants or qualified applicants to train for jobs that exist today. These jobs provide long term career progression at wages 20% higher than non-manufacturing jobs.

CAMPS is partnering with the Washington State National Guard Department of Transition Services, Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs and Green River Community College. The training is held at Military Service Center sites over a three day period focused on entry level manufacturing skills and methodologies.

On Thursday, January 5, 2011, Governor Gregoire announced that Workforce Investment Act funds of $220,000 are available through the Department of Commerce to support the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS), with its three-part program to employ veterans:

  • red dot tour CAMPS will train 460 veterans in Training to Placement to Advancement (TPA). This program assesses a veteran's mechanical aptitude and delivers short-term training for immediate placement within manufacturing companies.
  • CAMPS will provide Structured On-the-Job (SOJT) services to 'skill up' incumbent workers, thereby creating an opening for a veteran or to assist a veteran as he or she moves up in a company. CAMPS will design SOJT's for six to eight companies to serve 75 incumbent and seasoned workers.
  • CAMPS will assist to place the balance of the veterans who have completed the TPA into manufacturing jobs with companies that have their own training programs.

To see our M2M Career Pathway Flowchart, click here.

The benefits to Washington State are properly staffed manufacturers to support aerospace, marine, transportation, energy, and other sectors supply chain partners, many which export products. Workforce solutions are needed now, as well as in the future. CAMPS is also developing a Skills Translation Process to identify core competencies and skills developed in military jobs and cross reference them to manufacturing jobs.

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