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Phone: 803 450-4769


Corumat has a patented process and machinery that lets us generate patent-pending, lightweight structures in bio-based materials and almost any thermoplastic.

How do you fight climate change and ocean plastics?

Food Waste rotting in landfills rots into methane, and this may cause 7% of climate change. Our technology enables a profitable reason to divert organic waste from landfills. Millions of tons of plastic end up in the ocean, in the developing world, because there is no infrastructure. Corumat technology provides a profitable reason to generate infrastructure in the developing world and reduce ocean plastics.


Are your materials food-contact safe?

YES! We purchase food-contact certified raw materials, and produce packaging in a food packaging factory with GFSI certification in process.

Are your materials biodegradable, ocean degradable, and compostable?

We use ASTM D6400 certified raw materials, and BPI certification is in process. We're beginning work with more biodegradable and ocean degradable compounds soon - we are a lightweight materials process company and so if we start with biodegradable and ocean degradable materials, we end up with degradable products.


How can we work with you?

We can currently fulfill pilot and sample orders - please contact us! We're also open to joint development agreements, and research and manufacturing partnerships.


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