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Fresh Consulting

CONTACT : James Dietrich Phone: 978.866.2775 Email:

About: Partner with us for digital transformation in automation

As a vertically integrated end-to-end design, software, and hardware engineering firm, we deliver integrated software and hardware systems, leverage a rich partner network, and customize solutions to your exact needs and specifications — all under one roof. For industrial solutions where security and safety are top-of-mind, you need an engineering partner who ensures your systems operate to a rigorous standard. From protecting your system against outside threats to integrating hardware that allows robots to operate safely alongside human coworkers, we provide consultation and engineering expertise.

Integrate industry 4.0 efficiency into your manufacturing process

Companies on the leading edge use intelligent machines to augment human labor and manufacturing operations, providing greater control and always-online production. Partner with us for digital transformation solutions that offer more advanced systems, better maximized throughput, and increased precision for your manufacturing environment.

Fresh is founded on teamwork

Fresh Consulting was founded in 2007 when the technology that’s common today was still completely new. We built a digital consulting firm to help companies remain relevant and innovative in a rapidly changing industry landscape — to stay fresh. Over more than a decade, we’ve assembled a highly-talented, multi-disciplinary team that redefines what’s possible in design, software, engineering, and strategy. As we’ve identified the future of tech and global collaboration, we acquired Inotechne and created an Asia-Pacific office (2015), prioritized AI, hardware, robotics, AR/VR reality, and IoT capabilities by acquiring SiTech (2017), and bolstered our end-to-end strategic services by acquiring Uncorked (2019).

With our unique breadth and depth, with equal focuses on human-centered design and sophisticated technology, we help companies build the future.


  • Digital transformation solutions

  • Robotic software development and systems integration

  • Cloud integration

  • Autonomous mobile robots

  • Industrial autonomous vehicles

  • AI/machine learning

  • Middleware design and integration, embedded firmware

  • UI design and usability testing

  • IoT product development

  • Technology architecture

  • Enterprise applications and dashboards

  • Mission control management


  • Industrial

  • Energy

  • Government

  • Technology

  • Medical

  • Consumer products

  • SaaS

  • Real estate

  • Financial

  • Professional services


  • Certified Professional Engineer

  • Microsoft Autonomous Systems Partner

  • Cloud services

  • AWS Partner

  • Microsoft Cloud Partner

  • Google Cloud Partner

  • LabVIEW

  • NI partner

  • Altium

  • Matlab


  • Distributed systems

  • Drones

  • Embedded firmware

20- 25 KEY WORDS

  1. industry 4.0

  2. digital transformation

  3. robotic software

  4. robotics systems integration

  5. Autonomous mobile robots

  6. autonomous systems

  7. Industrial autonomous vehicles

  8. IoT

  9. AI

  10. machine learning

  11. dashboards

  12. enterprise applications

  13. cloud integration

  14. web applications

  15. custom software development

  16. UI design

  17. usability testing

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