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Labels Plus, Inc.

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

CONTACT :Mary Kelp Phone: 425-355-4833 / 800-275-7587 Email: About: Labels Plus, Inc., a label manufacturer specializing in high quality tags and custom labels, is a company that has built a nationwide reputation for expertise and excellence among printing companies when it comes to custom label and tag creations. Eric Phillips founded Labels Plus in 1977 and managed and grew the company to where it is today. Labels Plus became very well known within the fisheries industry and still to this day we are considered one of the finest printers around for providing labels to some of the best and well known global seafood companies with exceptional turn-around. Labels Plus are also experts when it comes to design and layout. Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf label from our stocked off-the-shelf products, design services, or perhaps you need a custom food and beverage label, personal care or cosmetic product label, we have a friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable customer care staff. We can take you from the idea phase, through the design phase and onto the completed label project where your product is then ready to sell to consumers. Our experienced and dedicated group of employees focuses on exceeding our client’s expectations in service, quality and on time delivery. Labels Plus serves some of the biggest names in the world market. Becoming an integral part of our client’s continued success has always been our primary goal, one we hope to share with you. We invite you to explore how Labels Plus can improve your bottom line and provide you with the type and quality and service you deserve for your label packaging. To help you get started contact us today for a quote on any new or existing label projects, and let Labels Plus provide you with a labeling solution that works! Capabilities Industries



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