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Updated: Nov 4, 2021


Contact : Julie Flint Phone: 360.299.9979 Email: About: We’re Ron and Julie Flint. In 1991 we moved to Guemes Island after retiring from our careerned us back to enjoy a simpler life. With a desire to work while connecting with nature, Guemes has offered the opportunity to actively participate in our lives and create products we are proud to share. We employ a small staff of island residents who are like family, some who’ve been with us since the beginning. Wooden Products Honoring Nature The great Pacific Northwest provides an incredibly inspiring home base for Mitercraft. The ebb and flow of the tide, the majestic eagles that soar above the workshop, the white capped Cascade mountains, and the mysterious waters of the Salish Sea surround and influence everything happening here. We work hard at what we do, creating heirloom-quality products inspired by our environment. And most every day, we enjoy the natural world around us. We hike and bike trails surrounding our property. We boat out to neighboring islands. We pull pots of Dungeness crab and enjoy them on the beach with friends. This life is what motivates us to create products with stories breathed into each design. Handmade Products from our Woodshop We’re excited about the resurgence of makers, artisans, and old world craftsmanship. Our woodshop on Guemes Island bustles with activity. We use a host of machines, from band saws to CO2 laser engravers and UV Ink flatbed printers. Our old-fashioned woodworking combined with the new imaging technologies produces heirloom quality bookmarks with an artistic flare, many of which can be made into customized gifts that will be cherished for generations. We take great pride in our work and treat each bookmark like a gift we’re excited to send you. Protecting Forests by Sustainably Sourcing All Mitercraft bookmarks are made from wood from sustainably managed or certified forests. Our love for the natural world compels us to be respectful and responsible in our practices, always giving back where we can. And we’re proud to say all of our bookmarks are handmade in the USA. Capabilities Industries



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