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CONTACT Website: Phone: 253.224.5909 Email: Who We Are Technical Tooling is grounded in the Pacific Northwest (Tacoma, WA), the hub of aerospace manufacturing. We feel lucky to be surrounded by a community of people who share the same passion we do for this industry. ​ Technical Tooling is a developer of material technologies for tooling applications in composite parts manufacturing. Its high temperature layup molds have extremely low CTE’s at a lower price point than competing options, such as Invar with similar characteristics and its Vacu-Grip™ vacuum fixtures use a porous base material creating a better holding solution. The Vacu-Grip™ system uses a proprietary, porous granular media that maximizes open vacuum area against the part surface and thereby maximizing holding force (contrast with v-groove fixtures which only pull vacuum through the slotted channels or suction cups which are more localized). Our material forms to near net shape reducing material cost and machine time. Vacu-Grip™ can match any 3-demensional contour and pulling even vacuum across the entire contact area significantly reduces the potential for any slippage, movement, or chatter during trim ops. It also reduces delamination, bruising, and other deformation due to points of high vacuum pressure and zero pressure. Repair and/or modification is quick and inexpensive compared to alternative options. Quick part changeover and no tool path interference reduces the labor hours required for trim ops, saving time and money. Ravin™ Layup Molds are an ideal solution for short run and prototype composite part programs. Our proprietary base yeilds extremely low CTE’s, equivalent to invar at a fraction of the price. Our molds are autoclave capable up to 350°f. Similar to Vacu-Grip™, our molds are manufactured to near net shape reducing the machine time and additional wasted material of alternative options. Our material can be applied to meet any part size requirement. Our molds result in production part surface finish, with an RMS 32 or better. INDUSTRIES SERVED Aerospace and Defense UAV Marine Automotive


Working on : AS9100 D, ITAR Registration. Should have both within 6 mos.


Not sure how many we can have. I came up with a bunch, then I used a tool to generate a lot ( Tell me where the cutoff can be, and I will prioritize them.

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