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CONTACT INFO Website: Phone: 617.455.8832 Email: ABOUT The factory floor at your fingertips Xemelgo provides RFID-powered solutions that provide real-time visibility into your manufacturing operation. Xemelgo offers individual apps that monitor raw materials, work in progress, finished goods inventory, shipments, and assets. Xemelgo alerts leaders on their mobile device when issues emerge; for instance low inventory levels, production bottlenecks, misrouted orders, tools requiring calibration, chemicals expiring, etc. Xemelgo integrates with your existing ERP system, keeping it 100% up to date based on the RFID data. INDUSTRIES SERVED Xemelgo works with manufacturers of all shapes and sizes.


Xemelgo recently receive the Technology Achievement award from the Pacific Northwest Aerospace community.


RFID, Software, Industry40, Inventory, WIP, Assets, Tracking, Shipments, Sensors, ERP,

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