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Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

We Are Banding Together!

The CAMPS manufacturing community is strong!

We are banding together for ongoing mutual support during this crisis.

Members are reaching out to us daily – some are optimistic that we will get through this and some are cautious about longer-term economic impacts.  Either way, these are trying times that will impact our members and employees.

CAMPS is a “Manufacturing and Supply Chain COMMUNITY.” We have some of the best minds any organization can hope to assemble.  Two of the key attributes we have demonstrated over our 12+ years is the ability to be “COLLABORATIVE” and “INNOVATIVE”.  In 2008 – 2009, CAMPS worked with the Banking Community to help manufacturers understand how to navigate the banking system.  CAMPS members have helped guide many of our current workforce initiatives.  Our members have always come together to share best practices and advanced development methodologies such as ISO certifications, Lean training, and additive manufacturing.  We will continue to do so today.

Since the pandemic began, some of our members are struggling to keep up with the demand for their medical and environmental related products.  Many are implementing screening processes of outside visitors, including questions on exposures and even taking temperatures of site visitors.  All of these are signs of positive actions and indications of strength.  Some companies may need to “pause” on projects or move in new directions.  The overall messages we have been hearing is business as usual.  CAMPS staff has not received any negative or panic related messages.

Moving forward the CAMPS Community will continue to support each other.

We would like to hear from you about your best practices, challenges, ideas, and opportunities for getting through this pandemic.  We would like to share it with the CAMPS community.  We’ll be following up with another email sharing your responses.  We’d also like to know if you have excess capacity that we can share with members who may know of opportunities.

Please share your tips, best practices, and learnings with us HERE.


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