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CAMPS February 2023 Board Report

February News & Updates

Military to Manufacturing (M2M) Opportunity

The CAMPS Military to Manufacturing (M2M) program was asked to sponsor donations of computers from Comcast for the Job Transition Computer Lab. This sponsorship opportunity has allowed us to advertise our companies to 5,000 transitioning military members each year. This is a big increase from the less than 100 military personnel we would work with in prior years. Now, with this new opportunity, we are able to be in front of every military professional that exits the military from JBLM. Our sponsorship has helped us to promote our companies through posters, banners, and other promotional materials. We are promoting the BuildItWA website and plan to place information on it that will guide more M2M candidates to our jobs. We are excited about the potential for future growth that this new opportunity has presented.


Support for Manufacturing Training Partners

I recently had conversations with Edmonds College and Clover Park Technical College about promoting their advanced manufacturing programs through our BuildItWA website. We had 2,500 unique visitors to the BuildItWA website last month and thought it would be a great way to direct those visiting our website to their manufacturing training programs in order to further their careers.

The idea is to put a link on the front page of the BuildItWA website that would lead visitors to an information page on the college websites. Both colleges approved the idea and appreciate the marketing and promotional help. Additionally, we could put a link where the employers input their jobs to advertise customized training options for their employees.

Member Engagement at Past Events



Date: January 11th

Title: Tax and Regulatory Update

Location: Kent

Registered:  21          Attended:  17

Mfg's/SC:  3               Mfg's/SC:  3

Assoc: 10                    Assoc:  6

Affil:  0                        Affil:  0

Guests:                    Guest:  1

Speaker/Staff: 7


Date: February 1st

Title: Innovation Forum - Hans Hinderpal

Location: Zoom

Registered:  23          Attended:  14

Mfg's/SC:  6                Mfg's/SC:  3

Assoc: 6                      Assoc: 3

Affil:  3                         Affil: 2

Guests:                     Guest: 1

Speaker/Staff: 5

Date: February 8th

Title: Economic Update 

Location: Clark Nuber | Bellevue

Registered:  40          Attended:  31

Mfg's/SC:  6                Mfg's/SC:  4

Assoc: 26                    Assoc: 19

Affil:  1                          Affil: 0

Guests:  4                    Guest: 5

Speaker/Staff: 3



Date: March 1st 

Title: Innovation Forum - Forum Sheth

Registered:  24          Attended:  19

Mfg's/SC:  8                Mfg's/SC:  5

Assoc: 7                      Assoc: 5

Affil:  1                          Affil:  1

Guests:  4                    Guest:  4

Speaker/Staff: 4

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 1

Title: Better Together - Sales & Marketing Alignment

Wednesday, April 5th

Title: Innovation Forum - Mid-Mountain Materials Innovations

Wednesday, April 19th

Title: Factory Tour - Dylan Aerospace

Wednesday, May 3rd

Title: Innovation Forum - TBD

Wednesday, May 17th

Title: Export Workshop

Wednesday, June 7th

Title: Innovation Forum - TBD

Wednesday, June 21st

Title: What Impact Washington Does for Manufacturers

CAMPS Membership


Date: February 2023

Manufacturing:  170

Supply Chain:  8

Associates:  24

Affiliates: 22  |  5 paying & 17 In-Kind

Total Members:  224

New Members:  0

Companies on Health Trust:

Non-Renewing Members: 4

  • First Citizens Bank - Budget Concerns

  • Kaskada - Dropped HT & did not want to renew

  • Linn Larsen - Retiring

  • Safe Boats - Budget Concern

BuilditWA By the Numbers


February 2023

Jobs Placed on Website: 500

Note: The website went active in April 2022

Jobs Filled: 410

Percentage of Jobs Filled: 82%


Economic Impact: $33 Million - Salaries/Wages

Note: Salary/Wage ranges are listed on the website. Economic Impact represents the financial impact of CAMPS member jobs on families and their communities.

Website Visits: 2,500 unique website visits in the last 30 days.

Tentative Board Meeting Dates 2023


Board Meeting

Date: Friday, April 7th

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Note: Lunch will be served

Location: Green River College, Kent - Board Room

Board Meeting

Date: Friday, July 14th

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Note: Lunch will be served

Location: Green River College, Kent - Board Room

Board Retreat

Date: Friday, November 3rd

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Note: Lunch will be served

Location: CedarBrook Lodge

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