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Military 2 Manufacturing

A Career Pathway Program  

Accelerating Veterans' Future in Manufacturing. Transferring their military skills and experience to manufacturing jobs.

“Orion values the CAMPS M2M program as a source of motivated employees with transferable skills. As a retired military person, I know first-hand the difficulties some veterans face when making the transition to civilian life. The career fields in the military do not often look the same in the civilian world and this can be a significant barrier to a smooth transition. The M2M program provides a path to manufacturing, with familiarization training, career guidance and meaningful hiring contacts that can result in a rewarding second career. Orion has had 100% success with the employees we have hired through the CAMPS M2M program. I highly endorse it.”
Tom Brosius
“Thank you for CAMPS' dedication to helping military members transition into successful and challenging careers in the manufacturing industry with your M2M program. The M2M and FSME programs really helped me with the manufacturing vocabulary, processes, and functions. I spent six years in the military as a Combat Engineer (MOS 12B) in the Army. I held the position of Team leader, Retention NCO, and Training NCO. That base, along with the interviewing practice and camps mixers, were key elements to my success with creating a network, being comfortable explaining my experience, and learning how I can add value to an employer. I never would have gotten this great opportunity to begin a new career in the manufacturing industry with All New Glass if I hadn't been comfortable interviewing and knowing basic fabrication processes. I currently work as a Draftsman creating shop drawings for our shop to fabricate and install glazing systems meeting efficiency and aesthetic needs. I started at All New Glass at $17/hr, and in six months received a raise to $20/hr.”
Taylor Sherwood


Military 2 Manufacturing Career Pathway Program?

There are great opportunities for manufacturing companies and service members with the M2M Career Program. The M2M Career Pathway Program gives military service members a closer look into a career in manufacturing to determine if would be good fit.

Many leave the service without any experience working in a civilian job. Resumes and interviews are a mystery and the process of selecting a field and company can confound even the bravest of those who served our country.

The M2M Career Pathway Program offers support at each stage for service members.


of Jobs Are Available?

We are in a new world where manufacturing is no longer what it once was. This diagram shows the types of jobs available in manufacturing:


“"The M2M program helped me transition to the civilian workforce by putting me in front of employers who are eager and excited to hire veterans. I never would have thought about a manufacturing a company if it wasn`t for the M2M program. It really showed me how valuable I am to a company like Skills Inc. Today I have begun a new career and am experiencing a successful transition after completing a CAMPS and Skills Inc. sponsored Internship Program."”
Robbie McElroy
“CAMPS/M2M Program is an awesome program. You can get no better than the CAMPS team. They literally put you in the same room with CEO's of manufacturing companies in Eastern Washington. By doing so they help you build your network with people that could be a big impact during your job search. CAMO2COMMERCE worked hand in hand with CAMPS to give us a basic understanding of manufacturing and a foundation by sending us to a Fundamental Skills for Manufacturing & Engineering (FSME) course at Clover Park Technical College. CAMPS also helps you find great companies to start your career based off of your military training and accomplishments. Over all the program is great. It is a win win for everyone. The CAMPS team know what they are doing.”
Anthony Berry


the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector in the U.S. contributes an estimated $2.33 trillion to the U.S. economy with the largest job multiplier of any other sector. A college education is not required to begin a career in manufacturing.

M2M Career Pathway Program


1st Thursday of the month - 9AM to 12PM

Hawk Transition Center
11577 41st Division Dr
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433

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