The CAMPS Annual Conference 2023 Recap - A Look into the Future

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Nov 27, 2023 2:55:01 PM

What an outstanding day! The 2023 CAMPS Conference last month gave us a view into the future of manufacturing, and we caught up with old friends with an in-person event. We can’t express our appreciation enough to the speakers and sponsors who were instrumental to a successful event.

We captured a few moments at the conference!
Maybe you see someone you know?

Here is an overview of the key sessions and presentations:

  • Microsoft's Blueprint for Manufacturing Mastery

    simon-floyd-speakerSimon Floyd, GM for Manufacturing in the Americas at Microsoft, knocked it out of the park as he delivered a keynote to help us understand the AI landscape in manufacturing. He presented Microsoft's insights and use cases that had transformed manufacturing, highlighting both successes and challenges. Attendees gave rave reviews.

  • The Smart Manufacturing Journey: A Case Study in Innovation

    Paul Michaels from Boyd Corporation and Akhila Tadinada from Xemelgo shared best practices and lessons from their Digital Transformation project. It was fascinating to learn of the deployment of sensors and software technology in Boyd Corporation's operations. “Remarkable” is an understatement.

  • Mastering Disruption: Zebra Technologies' Vision

    Andy Zosel, Sr. VP/GM at Zebra Technologies, provided insights into technological disruptions reshaping manufacturing. The session was a guide to understanding practical use cases of products born from these disruptions.

    We were impressed by the new RFID technology by Zebra Technology for the NFL that tracks every movement and result of every player on the football field.

  • Manufacturing's Think Tank:

    This session involved a 30-minute round table where participants merged insights with peers, focusing on various topics relevant to manufacturing innovation.

Table Topics included:

    • Workforce Development in Manufacturing: Nurturing Talent for Industry Growth
    • Emerging Markets in Washington: Exploring Opportunities in Clean Tech, Space, Agriculture, and More
    • Leadership in Manufacturing: Inspiring Excellence & Driving Innovation
    • Marketing in Manufacturing: Strategies for Success
    • Sales Strategies in Manufacturing: Driving Growth and Market Penetration
    • Bottlenecks in Manufacturing: Identifying & Overcoming Challenges
    • Manufacturing Technology Implementation: Maximizing Efficiency & Competitiveness
    • HR in Manufacturing: Nurturing Talent for Success
    • Supply Chain Optimization: Streamlining Efficiency & Resilience
    • Internal Communications in Manufacturing: Fostering Engagement and Alignment

Some said the think tank was the most valuable part of the conference as they had an opportunity to dive into real scenarios with peers and leaders.

  • Bridging the Funding Gap:


Allison Budvarson, COO of Out of the Box Manufacturing, led a panel that combined industry expertise from Aerospace, Workforce, and Clean Tech/Energy sectors, shared information about state-level programs and grant opportunities. Impact Washington provided a holistic view of resources from both state and federal avenues.

  • Beyond the Factory Floor: CDL-Seattle's Vision:

    Emer Dooley, the site lead for CDL-Seattle, discussed the bridging of traditional manufacturing with future technologies. CDL-Seattle has been focusing on fostering innovations in manufacturing. Attendees discovered how startups, under the CDL umbrella, are leveraging machine intelligence, IoT, cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, and groundbreaking approaches to workforce augmentation to address manufacturing challenges. What incredible stories Emer shared!

  • How RAIN RFID Drives Operational Efficiency:

Sandy Murti from Impinj shared how RAIN RFID technology helps enterprises drive efficiency and automate processes in manufacturing. RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage each item. We believe there are big opportunities with RAIN RFID technology!


  • Networking Reception:

    The conference concluded with a reception where participants mingled, reconnected, made new introductions. There were discussions on the day's learnings in a more informal setting with appetizers to fuel the conversations. The networking reception proved to be a pivotal moment for some attendees as they formed new connections for future collaborations.

Each of these sessions provided valuable insights into the advancements and challenges in the field of manufacturing, especially in relation to technological innovations and digital transformation.

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