CAMPS launched the Innovation Edge Program in January of 2021 to encourage discussion and implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies within the CAMPS community. The Innovation committee meets on the final Wednesday of every month to get updates from each of the sub-committee working groups and determine the next steps.


The CAMPS Innovation Edge Program (IEP) will provide a formal process for CAMPS members to support Industry 4.0 applications. This will include CAMPS as a central resource and database of process information, best practices, lessons learned, and emerging technologies.

Currently, our five working groups are:

Automation            Artificial Intelligence            Emerging Technologies           Map & Match            Workforce

Technology Class


Lead by James Dietrich from Fresh Consulting.

The Robotics & Automation group plans on developing a video series that will address manufacturers' challenges in learning about and implementing automation in the plants.

Artificial Intelligence
Emerging Technologies
Map & Match
Workforce Training