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Advanced Manufacturing Is Not Just A Job.

It Is An Exciting Career Opportunity

Manufacturing is a world of multi-million dollar machines, advanced materials, and new technology evolving and developing all the time.

The skills you ALREADY HAVE  translate into positions in a manufacturing company.

CAMPS are a resource center bringing together Manufacturers, Supply Chain Partners, Associates (professional service providers), and Affiliates (government, education, and non-profit organizations). We represent over 200 companies and organizations who all share in the current workforce struggle of finding skilled workers.

Our Companies want to hire you!

Three Day Workshop Includes …

- An Introduction into Advanced Manufacturing; Processes, Methodologies, and Terminology -

- We share the different positions available, compensations, advancement opportunities, and more. -

- You will learn how the skills you ALREADY HAVE can translate into positions in a manufacturing company. -

- We will share Personalized, Industry Proven, Resume Writing Techniques and guide you through the process. -

- We will help you create an ‘Elevator Speech’ for networking opportunities. - 

- Interviewing Techniques: The Do’s and Don’ts -

- Access to our entire network through networking opportunities at CAMPS hosted events. -

- Day 3 Includes a plant tour at one of our manufacturing companies. Transportation provided. -


For More Information on Workshops or Hiring a M2M Graduate Contact:

Jodi Sahlin  |  Workforce Navigator  |  253.293.6289

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