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Manufacturing Member:  A manufacturing entity is any company defined by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) within the numerical ranges from 31 through 33 as outlined by the 2007 NAICS Tables, any eligible manufacturing business entity registered in Washington State.


Supply Chain Member:  A Supply Chain member is a company who engages with manufacturers within their supply chain to provide components, services, or finished products.


Associate Membership:  An Associate Membership  would be available for non-manufacturers (suppliers, consultants, and service providers), to provide access to the manufacturing members for use of their goods and services.  Associate Memberships will be limited to a ratio of two manufacturers or supply chain members; to one Associate Member.  


Affiliate Membership:   An Affiliate Membership can be public or non-profit entities, government organization, educational & vocational rehab institutions.

Membership Fees effective January 1, 2022 Based on full time employee count in Washington State

Membership Fee Structure


$1000    -   19 or fewer employees

$2000    -    20 to 99 employees

$3000    -    100 to 199 employees

$4000    -    200 to 500 employees

$5000    -    500+ employees

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