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Make BenefitHub an Important Part of Your Employee Benefits Package

What is BenefitHub?

Thanks to your membership in the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS), you now have access to an amazing new company benefit for your employees! BenefitHub is a platform with exclusive discounts, with every category you can think of, featuring all the brands you love.

How much does BenefitHub cost your company?

For CAMPS members there is no cost to offer BenefitHub to your employees. It is a free benefit for all companies that are members of CAMPS.

Why offer BenefitHub?

Take a look at the reasons to offer BenefitHub to your employees. Click Here

How to Get Started?

Register and sign in to get started. Click Here 

Note: Because of open enrollment, there is no need for special codes or employee numbers. You can sign in with your company or personal email address. Employees and their family members can also register.

How do you use BenefitHub?

BenefitHub is easy to use, learn more. Click Here

How do I enroll new and existing employees?

Consider emailing out an invitation to join BenefitHub to your new and existing employees.

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