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Orion values the CAMPS M2M program as a source of motivated employees with transferable skills. As a retired military person, I know first-hand the difficulties some veterans face when making the transition to civilian life. The career fields in the military do not often look the same in the civilian world and this can be a significant barrier to a smooth transition. The M2M program provides a path to manufacturing, with familiarization training, career guidance and meaningful hiring contacts that can result in a rewarding second career. Orion has had 100% success with the employees we have hired through the CAMPS M2M program. I highly endorse it.

In my 26 years in the military I held and did almost every job or position associated with Army Aviation. The three that really stand out are: First Sergeant of an Aviation Maintenance company in a UH60 helicopter Battalion, where I had a company of 150 Soldiers and was entrusted with the mentorship of these fine soldiers and the professional growth of them all; Platoon Sergeant for a AVIM maintenance Platoon in a Assault Helicopter Battalion where I was responsible for unscheduled and scheduled maintenance for 30 UH60 Blackhawks; Enlisted Flight Instructor my duties were the progression of enlisted soldiers in crew chiefs for the UH60 Blackhawk.
At Orion industries I was hired as a hydraulic builder level 2. My daily duties were to read and understand blue prints in order to build aviation components for Boeing and other aerospace companies. I was then promoted to the Quality Assurance section of the hydraulic build section. I now am entrusted with the final inspection of all jobs that are built by the mechanics in the hydraulic build section.
All that I did in my career in the military had prepared me for many things in my life and in my career but when it was time to look for a job in the manufacturing world it had not prepared me for that. The M2M program was a great tool that was made available to me. The program not only showed me what was out there and what was available to but it helped me transfer the skills I had made in the military to skills that manufactures were looking for.

- Robert Price

Thank you for CAMPS' dedication to helping military members transition into successful and challenging careers in the manufacturing industry with your M2M program. The M2M and FSME programs really helped me with the manufacturing vocabulary, processes, and functions. I spent six years in the military as a Combat Engineer (MOS 12B) in the Army. I held the position of Team leader, Retention NCO, and Training NCO. That base, along with the interviewing practice and camps mixers, were key elements to my success with creating a network, being comfortable explaining my experience, and learning how I can add value to an employer. I never would have gotten this great opportunity to begin a new career in the manufacturing industry with All New Glass if I hadn't been comfortable interviewing and knowing basic fabrication processes. I currently work as a Draftsman creating shop drawings for our shop to fabricate and install glazing systems meeting efficiency and aesthetic needs. I started at All New Glass at $17/hr, and in six months received a raise to $20/hr.
- Taylor Sherwood

The M2M program helped me transition to the civilian workforce by putting me in front of employers who are eager and excited to hire veterans. I never would have thought about a manufacturing a company if it wasn`t for the M2M program. It really showed me how valuable I am to a company like Skills Inc.   Today I have begun a new career and am experiencing a successful transition after completing a CAMPS and Skills Inc. sponsored Internship Program.

 - Robbie McElroy

The M2M program helped me secure a fulfilling job in an excellent field before I got out of the Army. They provided me with the tools I needed to tailor my resume to relate my training and skills learned in the Army to what a manufacturing company looks for in an employee. Additionally, M2M brought me to a larger collection of companies looking for employees like me.   My most recent accomplishment is I am now enrolled in a formal Apprenticeship program through AJAC (Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee) as an employee of Tri-Tec Manufacturing.

 - Tyler Long

I began my transition from the U.S. Army in January of 2015. During one of the Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) classes I met Tom McLaughlin and Stacie Buchanan who oversaw the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS). I signed up for the two-day workshop they offered as I wanted to ensure I had as many opportunities as I could after I retired from active duty. The workshop not only introduced me to the basics of manufacturing to include tools, mathematics, and lean processes but it also showed me how manufacturing is a major part of the Puget Sound area. Moreover, they not only provided good training and insight they also guaranteed that resumes given to them would go directly to vice presidents or CEO’s of the manufacturing companies they worked with. On the second day of the workshop, I met Iveta Lis, an outreach coordinator working for Skills Inc. She explained what Skills Inc. Had to offer and how they are a major player in the aerospace manufacturing industry. I researched Skills Inc. and I discovered they were not only a good company but they were one that was expanding quickly. I started researching jobs on Skills Inc. and notified Stacie of positions I was interested in. Stacie reached out to Iveta who helped set up a facility tour at their corporate location in Auburn. During the tour I met Cheryl Roe, the Outreach Program Director and Todd Dunnington the CEO of Skills Inc. After the tour Stacie spoke to Todd and Cheryl a great deal about how hiring veterans is always a good choice for any company. She went on to highlight key attributes myself and another veteran sitting next to me bought to the table. Approximately three days later I received an email from Charlie Frampton, the Director of Operations who offered me an opportunity to interview for a position as a purchasing agent for Skills Inc. The following day I received a call from Mark Rosette of their HR Department who offered me the job as a member of purchasing department. CAMPS not only prepared me for working in a modern manufacturing facility but they also worked with key people at Skills Inc. to assist me in obtaining this opportunity. Tom and Stacie are straight shooters and they will not sugar coat anything for you. They will work with you and help you determine where you might be a good fit within a given manufacturing company. They will then use their resources to greatly increase your chances of landing an interview. You still need to put your best foot forward at the interview but having Stacie and Tom a phone call or email away make a big difference. I highly recommend CAMPS for any transitioning service member even remotely interested in a career manufacturing. The program will provide the tools, resources and support needed to enter the manufacturing industry. Lastly they have a network of nearly 100 different small and medium sized manufacturing companies who are always looking for new talent.
- Alexander Vicente

CAMPS/M2M Program is an awesome program. You can get no better than Tom and Stacie. They literally put you in the same room with CEO's of manufacturing companies in Eastern Washington. By doing so they help you build your network with people that could be a big impact during your job search. CAMO2COMMERCE worked hand in hand with CAMPS to give us a basic understanding of manufacturing and a foundation by sending us to a Fundamental Skills for Manufacturing & Engineering (FSME) course at Clover Park Technical College. CAMPS also helps you find great companies to start your career based off of your military training and accomplishments. Over all the program is great. It is a win win for everyone. Tom and Stacie know what they are doing.

- Anthony Berry SGT -

I recently transitioned out of the military as a Staff Sergeant after 7 years of active service. I was able to successfully transition to a civilian occupation thanks to the assistance I received from Stacie Buchanan and the instruction I received while enrolled in the Fundamental Skills for Manufacturing & Engineering (FSME) program at Clover Park. Thanks to the skills I learned while in the FSME program and the assistance I received from Stacie Buchanan while working on a resume, I was able to interview with multiple company's in the manufacturing field. I accepted a job offer with Advanced Technical Services located in Kent, WA. My starting wage is $20.00 an hour with a pay increase to $24.00 an hour after my 3 month on the job training.
- Christopher Evans

Just wanted to write a quick note of thanks to you, Tom, and Marcus. As I you know, the transition from the Military to Civilian sector is a time of stress, unease, and sometimes, confusion for Service Members. After 27 years of service, and watching innumerable friends make the switch, I was as stressed and confused as most transitioning service members. I completed the mandatory SFL-TAP courses and flailed around trying to find a direction that would help me meet my four requirements for a post-service profession. I wanted to find a position that was in the right location, that my service related skills would help me be good at, that I would enjoy, and would meet my financial needs (in that order). The Center for Advanced Manufacturing of Puget Sound (CAMPS) and Military to Manufacturing (M2M) were instrumental to me being able to meet my goals. M2M helped me realize that I possessed the skills employers are seeking and it taught how to translate my military skills to a language employers not only required, but were excited to gain. The knowledge I gained during M2M, coupled with the M2M teams incredible support and follow through allowed me to have an incredibly smooth and ultimately stress free transition. Because of the network you have, I was able to apply to ONE position, but get TWO interviews for different positions (really, a 200% application to interview ratio, where does that ever happen!). Because M2M had taught me how to translate my skills, the two interviews resulted in two (competing, which increased the compensation offered) offers, which resulted in me accepting an offer that more than met all of my requirements, with compensation at the highest end for the position in this area, and starting my new position over twelve weeks prior to my retirement date (thanks to terminal leave).
That has been my experience with the CAMPS/M2M team (I couldn't have asked for more), but I also observed your team working with a diverse population. In my class were retirees that had been out for 5+ years, folks retiring now, and Service Members ETSing after their initial enlistment. This varied population all benefited from the program, and I would wholeheartedly recommend the program to anyone making the transition regardless of the reason that they are transitioning. What was important to me, and I hope to others was to "transition". To me that meant I loved my time in service, appreciated the skills it had provided, and will forever be grateful for the experiences; however, I didn't want what I had been define who I would become, and M2M helped me realize that goal (leveraging my experience to make the translation to a different, exciting, and challenging position).
- Matthew Goodine | 1SG (RET) -------------------almost!

I would like to formally thank the CAMPS organization and all the individuals involved in the M2M Program helping military members transition from the military. During my transition I was approached by dozens of organizations - all promising one thing or another and all of them claiming to be better than the other. Sadly, the results were very similar with each one. There was little to no progress and a lot of wasted time. When I attended the M2M Orientation and met Tom and Stacie, I was skeptical at best. Knowing that I had to give this program a fair chance I gave it my all. I went to the class and provided all the information they required. As the class progressed, I was exposed to Tom’s love of manufacturing and it started rubbing off. As I listened, it became more and more apparent to me that I was going to pursue a position in manufacturing. What impressed me the most about the M2M Program was the dedication to what they were doing. I was dangerously close to separation and had yet to find even a glimmer of hope. Now … I sit here today, proud to be a part of this organization and successfully employed with Western Integrated Technologies as a Warehouse Supervisor. Of all the programs provided on JBLM, I feel as though the CAMPS M2M Program is by far the best program available for all transitioning members of the armed forces. Their dedication and attention to detail went far beyond what I was accustomed to and the results speak loudly of the people involved. In closing, the M2M Program is an amazing, one-of-a-kind program that deserves far greater recognition then they receive.
Thank you,
- John Wolfe

The Military to Manufacturing seminar presented by the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound and subsequent Fundamental Skills in Manufacturing and Engineering course eased my transition from the United States Army greatly. I served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist and had no idea how I could apply my skills into the private sector. After the M2M seminar, with the help of the CAMPS team, I realized that the defense manufacturing sector would provide me the opportunity to not only apply my skills but also begin a career after the military. Without the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound this is a direction I wouldn’t have even looked in. To further develop my skills and begin my transition I enrolled in the FSME course, which gave me a better understanding of the overall manufacturing process and current industry lean manufacturing principles. Because of these programs I had a job offer before I exited the military with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company as a Manufacturing Support Team Member Associate. The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound provides an extremely valuable service to all transitioning service members and I am thankful to have participated in it.
- Kyle Johnstone

Dear Stacie and Tom,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you both. Delissa and I appreciate the help you have provided us during this transition from active duty back into civilian life. Since Delissa has been offered a position with the Allen Institute in Seattle and I have transitioned to the Navy Reserves from active duty, I will not currently be actively pursuing a full time job outside of our home while our family focuses on Delissa’s career and I will be the full-time, stay-at-home dad and part-time sailor. Thank you for your assistance with our resumes and helping us prepare for interviews. I truly believe that your assistance, support and encouragement over the past few months has helped us get to the place we are now. Not just in helping Delissa get the job she has been offered, but I also appreciate the information and the experience gained from the entire process, like the Round Table I attended as I can use the information in future endeavors such as owning and running my own business. I believe the CAMPS program is a great organization for transitioning military. I wanted to let you know that Delissa and I are truly grateful for all your support.
With sincerest appreciation,
- Roderick McMillen

CAMPS and the Military to Manufacturing (M2M) program have helped me in more ways than I can explain. I took the class because of the suggestion of a friend, and to get out of work. I honestly had no idea what the modern manufacturing industry was. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is a lot more than just working in a factory. It’s an industry as diverse as the military itself. M2M showed me that the skills I learned and honed while serving in the US Army were easily transferable into a rewarding career in manufacturing. They also afforded me the opportunity to participate in the introduction to manufacturing course at Clover Park Technical College where I learned the basics of manufacturing and discovered even more so that the skills from the military will take me far in this industry. Because of one of the CAMPS events, I am now employed as a lab manager for a calibrations company, a position I really enjoy and would never have known about if it was not for CAMPS and M2M. M2M was there to show me that I could be successful during the extremely difficult and scary time of transition from the military and beyond.

- Sean Milam

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to both Tom McLaughlin and Stacie Buchanan at CAMPS for their Military to Manufacturing (M2M) Program. As I prepared to retire after a 30-year career in the Air Force, I assumed it wouldn’t be too difficult finding employment. As an Aircraft Maintenance Unit Superintendent and retired Chief Master Sergeant, I felt sure that I would find a job. I spent several months and numerous hours applying to every position I felt I was qualified to do, with no results. When I heard about Tom’s program M2M I jumped at the chance for more information. After attending their introduction course, I learned from Stacie what the M2M program was about and was impressed at what they offered. Next, I signed up for a two-day seminar where I received help with my resume and an introduction to the language of manufacturing. Tom and Stacie both took time to help me translate what I did in the Air Force into language the civilian manufacturing community understood. Because of their help I was able to take advantage of the networking events they coordinated and made some meaningful connections with employers. It was at one of these events that I met Chris Colwell, the President of Carlson Paving Products. Tom introduced me to Chris and his HR Director Becky Stansell. The conversation went well and at the end I had arranged for a tour of their plant. After touring the plant, we had an impromptu interview where Chris made me an offer to become their Quality Control Manager and LEAN Champion with a starting salary above my expectations, which I accepted. If not for Tom and Stacie’s help and introduction, I would not have known this job was available because Carlson was not advertising the position, it was M2M and their networking events that helped me find this job as I transitioned out of the Air Force.
- Terry Osheim

My overall experiences with the CAMPS program more than exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately, while I was going through my transition process I did not find out about the program until the very end from one of the career counselors as we were doing the final overview of my transition packet, leaving me with very little time to take advantage of all they had to offer. The transition process for me was overwhelming, everything was so fast paced and there is so much information being put out about all different types of programs that are offered, and after a while they all start to run together.
I attended the CAMPS orientation brief where I met Stacie and Tom. I will admit that at the beginning I was very skeptical about the program and my interpretation of what I thought manufacturing was about, was totally wrong. After listening to Tom talk about manufacturing and how passionate he was about it, it gave me a better understanding about manufacturing and all the different aspects of it, and it started to put things into perspective. Stacie right away took an interest in me and asked me the hard question, what were my career goals after the military? At that time, I still had no clear answer on what I really wanted to do and time was running out really fast. But Stacie took the time to talk about my background and interests and right away she connected the dots knowing where my skills and interest would make the best fit. She took the time to work with me and prepare my resume putting my best foot forward and put me in touch with the owner of Advanced Technical Services and the rest is history. I am now a Quality Control Technician with Advanced Technical Services. I was fortunate enough that my first interview led to a job offer right away, being a perfect fit for me.
In closing, CAMPS is an outstanding program. The dedication and effort they put into making sure your skills, personality, and interest closely match the right job offer, which makes all the difference, because after all it is not just a job they are helping you find, but a career and that makes all the difference in my book. I wish that I had known about the program a lot earlier in my transition process so I could have taken advantage of all they have to offer, but overall I am glad that I was able to be a part of it. I will gladly recommend this program to anyone especially if you are undecided about what your next step is after the military.
Thank you,
- Elvin Perez

Shuyi Chen was a newcomer to the military spouse life when her husband decided to go through transition and prepare for life in the civilian world. She spent some time taking advantage of many programs the Army provides to military spouses, such as ACAP, resume writing services, career placement and guidance, and interview preparation. Shuyi was fortunate that her spouse’s chain of command was flexible and allowed the pair to attend the Military to Manufacturing (CAMPS) course offered at JBLM. Shuyi went to many job fairs along with her husband and met up with a M2M and their Partner in Red Dot Corporation at the Hire America’s Heroes Job Fair. Thanks to the fine folks at M2M, Shuyi and her husband were able to submit her resume at the top of the stack as the company moved forward with their hiring process. The phone call came in sure enough and Shuyi got employed by Red Dot Corporation . There she undertook a difficult training regimen on the production floor before moving on to the Routing/Lean office of Red Dot. Her skills and knowledge in engineering quickly got noticed by the company who promoted her to a Manufacturing Engineer, where she currently develops cutting edge manufacturing processes, computer programs, and heavy machinery to make the assembly line even better. Her success story is thanks in part to her husband and the fine folks at M2M/CAMPS for having such a great network of manufacturing companies who are looking for strong workers.

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