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Hire Our Vets!

CAMPS launched the M2M (Military to Manufacturing) Career Pathways Program in 2012 and began working with JBLM (Joint Base Lewis McChord) and in 2016, we opened up to Navy Region Northwest. The objective of the M2M Program is to connect transitioning military personnel who are separating or retiring and remaining in Washington State with CAMPS Manufacturing companies.

The individuals on this page have attended our two-day workshop where we taken the time to get to know each one of them and help them develop a plan to move forward. We help them translate the skills they already have and work with them to figure out where they would fit in a manufacturing company. These individuals have been screened and have all demonstrated work histories and they have mastered the “life skills or soft skills”, dealing with punctuality, teamwork, cell phone use, etc.

To participate in the M2M program, a company has to be a CAMPS member in good standing. CAMPS staff spends a great deal of time with the military establishments, organizations and individuals and to sustain the program, hiring companies agree to pay a placement fee of $1,000 per hire, after 90 calendar days of employment. This is a success based approach and we have a very high retention experience. 

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