An Introvert's Insurance Rates: Climbing Higher Than My Social Anxiety

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Mar 7, 2024 4:06:25 PM

An Introvert's Insurance Rates: Climbing Higher Than My Social Anxiety

By Stacie Buchanan, Associate Director, The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS)

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In an era where turning on the news feels similar to peeking into a tent at the world's most bewildering circus, it's refreshing to find something straightforward and genuinely beneficial. In the relentless parade of chaos, discovering a rare gem that offers a moment of calm in the storm is more valuable than ever. This is the story of how one such gem—CAMPS BenefitHub—transformed my quest for reasonable car insurance amidst life's current madness.

My car and I have a pretty exclusive relationship. It’s not every day (or ever, really) that we hit the town, thanks to my love for the great indoors and a job that kindly allows me to work from the sanctity of my home. My social calendar is as empty as the fuel tank in my barely driven car, thanks to a wonderfully understanding boss who doesn’t make me navigate the murky waters of too many social events. So, you can imagine my surprise when my car insurance rates decided to reach for the stars, leaving me utterly bewildered.

After 11 years of smooth sailing with my insurance provider—my most daring escapades being a couple of speeding tickets (but let’s not split hairs over those)—my premium took an unexpected leap, skyrocketing to $2,992.86 for six months. This budgetary curveball was one I was utterly unprepared for.

In my quest for financial sanity, I turned to a resource I had previously underestimated: CAMPS BenefitHub. Following a conversation with our Executive Director, Kirk Davis, who seemed to sense my inner turmoil, I reached out to their customer service. This decision proved to be a game-changer. The representative, more a financial detective than a mere salesperson, diligently searched every company for my exact plan details. The outcome? A new six-month premium of $1,842.03, a stark and welcome contrast to the astronomical figure I was initially faced with.

For those who may not yet be familiar, CAMPS BenefitHub offers far more than just insurance savings. It's a comprehensive suite of benefits that caters to the wide-ranging needs of our community. From travel discounts and tech deals to wellness programs and everyday savings, BenefitHub is a testament to the tangible benefits of our CAMPS membership. Its user-friendly platform ensures that accessing these benefits is as simple as a few clicks, making it a breeze for anyone to use.

Discovering the breadth of benefits available through BenefitHub was a revelation for someone like me, who treasures tranquility and simplicity. It underscored that even amidst these tumultuous times, we have access to resources designed to ease our burdens and bring joy to our lives.

So, to my fellow CAMPS members, I encourage you to dive into BenefitHub. Explore its offerings and share this incredible resource with your teams, your employees, and their families. In a world that often feels off-kilter, BenefitHub stands as a reliable script we can all follow—a source of not just savings but also a beacon of sanity and community support.

Navigating today's landscape can feel like an unwelcome adventure, but with resources like this, we're reminded of the paths to stability and peace of mind that lie before us. Let's embrace these opportunities, reinforcing the resilience and solidarity that define our CAMPS community.

Join CAMPS BenefitHub program here. It's free for CAMPS member companies and their employees.

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