Accelerating Manufacturing in Yakima

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Apr 12, 2024 11:38:43 AM

A Look Inside the CAMPS Yakima Accelerator Launch

CYH LinkedIn PostWednesday, April 10th marked a groundbreaking moment for The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS). We launched our first regional manufacturing Accelerator event in Yakima. The event was hosted by Yakima Chief Hops with influential manufacturing leaders and strategic partners coming together, the event was buzzing with ideas, collaboration, and potential. This initiative not only fosters local economic growth but also strengthens our community's manufacturing capabilities.


The event kicked off with an engaging meet-and-greet luncheon, providing a unique platform for leaders from eight local manufacturing companies to connect. Participants included Corumat, Inc., Cowiche Creek Brewing Company, CubCrafters, Inc., Kwik Lok Corporation, Seneca Foods, Silgan Containers, Swan Graphics, and Yakima Chief Hops. Their presence underscored a significant interest in collaborative growth and set a high standard for what regional synergy can accomplish.


Accompanying these manufacturing stalwarts were five pivotal affiliate partners: Perry Technical Institute, WA Dept. of Commerce, Yakima County Development Association, Yakima School District, and Yakima Valley Technical School. These organizations play a crucial role in supporting our initiatives by aligning educational and governmental efforts with industry needs—essential for sustained innovation.


Post-lunch, attendees were treated to an exclusive tour of the Yakima Chief Hops facility. The insights gained into operational excellence and innovative practices were not only enlightening but also illustrative of the potential for scalability and efficiency improvements through our Accelerator program. The surprise addition of a second plant tour, courtesy of Corumat, Inc., further enriched the experience, demonstrating real-world applications of sustainable manufacturing practices right in Yakima County.


The success of the Yakima launch is a beacon for what we envision across all our regional hubs. The CAMPS Accelerator Program is specifically designed to propel manufacturing entities into new heights of operational success and competitive positioning in the global marketplace. By participating, you leverage collective expertise, access tailored resources, and drive impactful innovations right in your backyard.


  • Tailored Growth Opportunities: Each session is curated to address the unique challenges and opportunities within your locale.
  • Strategic Networking: Connect with peers, potential clients, and strategic partners in a setting that promotes mutual growth.
  • Expert Insights: Gain direct access to industry-leading practices and cutting-edge research facilitated by CAMPS and our partners.

As we continue to expand the Accelerator Program, your involvement and leadership are crucial. Engage with us to shape the future of manufacturing in Washington and beyond. Let’s innovate, impact, and inspire together. Join us at the next CAMPS Accelerator event and propel your business towards unprecedented growth and innovation.

Ready to revolutionize your operations and influence the manufacturing landscape? Visit CAMPS Accelerator to register your interest and learn more about how you can participate in an upcoming event near you.

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