Ideas for Military 2 Manufacturing Using AI to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile & Resume

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Aug 3, 2023 7:35:20 AM

Set Up Bing Chat

  • Go to - this is Bing Chat.
  • Sign in or register.
  • Set Bing Chat to the “more creative” mode.

Rewrite Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume

  • Copy and paste the URL of your LinkedIn profile into the text box.

  • Use these prompts, one at a time, to improve your profile and resume:

    • Rewrite my summary to make it more engaging and professional.
    • Suggest some skills I should add to my profile based on my experience and education.
    • Generate a catchy headline for my profile that showcases my value proposition.
    • Review my work history and suggest some achievements or accomplishments I could highlight.
    • Write a personalized invitation message to connect with someone in my industry or field of interest.
    • Provide a list of keywords that are relevant to my LinkedIn profile that will optimize my profile for search engines.

  • You can download a PDF resume from your LinkedIn by following these steps:

    1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
    2. Click View Profile.
    3. Click the “More” button in the introduction section under your name and description.
    4. Select Build a Resume from the dropdown.
    5. Select the download as PDF option after editing any parts of the resume you desire.

Write a Cover Letter and Personalize Your Resume and Cover Letter

  • Use these prompts, one at a time, to write a cover letter and personalize your resume and cover letter:

    • Write an opening paragraph that introduces yourself, explains why you are interested in the position, and summarizes your main qualifications.
    • Write a second paragraph that provides specific examples of how you have used your skills and experience to achieve results in your previous roles or projects.
    • Write a closing paragraph that reiterates your interest, expresses your appreciation, and invites the employer to contact you for an interview.
    • Provide a list of action verbs that can make your resume and cover letter more powerful and persuasive.

Ask Bing Chat to Coach You on Your Career

  • Place Bing Chat in creative mode and start the prompt with “Act as a career coach”.

  • Use these questions, one at a time, to help you decide the best career for you:

    • What are my strengths and interests and how can I match them with potential careers?
    • What are some tools or assessments that can help me explore my career options and preferences?
    • What are some of the current and future trends in the labor market and how can I prepare for them?
    • How can I research different occupations and industries and find out about their requirements, salaries, benefits, and opportunities?
    • How can I network with professionals in my fields of interest and learn from their experiences and insights?
    • How can I gain relevant skills and experience through internships, volunteer work, or other activities?
    • How can I create an effective resume, cover letter, and portfolio that showcase my achievements and qualifications?
    • How can I prepare for interviews and negotiate job offers successfully?
    • How can I balance my personal and professional goals and manage stress and challenges in my career journey?

  • Use this information to help you decide what type of jobs to search for.

Preparing for an Interview

  • Research the company you will be interviewing with by copying and pasting the company URL into Bing Chat. Ask questions that will help you understand the company and your potential role in the company.

  • Use the Interview Warmup tool by Google ( to ensure you are ready.

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