Join the Momentum: CAMPS Manufacturing Accelerator Ignites Growth in Washington State

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Jul 26, 2023 3:11:40 PM


Introducing the CAMPS Manufacturing Accelerator

In the ever-evolving landscape of Washington State's economy, the manufacturing sector is a crucial driver, powering the economy of our communities and building prosperity. However, the path to success for manufacturers is filled with challenges. This is the reason for the CAMPS Manufacturing Accelerator (Accelerator).

This innovative program bridges the gap between federal, state, and local government support partners and manufacturing CEOs/owners, creating a connection of collaboration and access to vital resources for sustainable growth.

The 3 Elements of the CAMPS Manufacturing Accelerator

The CAMPS Manufacturing Accelerator consists of three elements:

  1. Empowering Manufacturing Leaders with Practical Tools: 
    CAMPS understands the value of actionable programs, the Accelerator program provides manufacturing leaders with the resources they need to achieve their important goals and overcome the challenges along the way. 

  2. Building Bridges Through Collaboration: 
    Through three annual face-to-face meetings, the Accelerator program lays the foundation for manufacturers to connect, share experiences, and collaborate with local, state, and federal programs that support manufacturing growth.

  3. Providing Access to Growth-fueling Resources:
    The Accelerator program is designed to give manufacturing leaders access to online resources for revenue, funding, and support services.  

This initiative is more than just a conduit for the prosperity of manufacturing leaders and companies. It is a platform that fosters shared growth, forging a strong bond between manufacturing leaders, educational institutions, local government, and the workforce.

By joining the Accelerator, manufacturers are not only investing in their own growth but also contributing to larger impacts in economic development, educational advancement, and community welfare.

3 Face-to-Face Meetings Per Year in 7 Different Cities

In-person meetings will occur three times a year in seven different cities throughout the State.

  1. Bellingham - home to approximately 350 manufacturing companies
  2. Snohomish - home to approximately 750 manufacturing companies
  3. Kent Valley - home to approximately 2,400 manufacturing companies
  4. Tacoma - home to approximately 605 manufacturing companies
  5. Vancouver - home to approximately 500 manufacturing companies
  6. Yakima - home to approximately 245 manufacturing companies
  7. Spokane - home to approximately 550 manufacturing companies

The meetings occur from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Local support partners and manufacturing CEOs and owners will meet and network from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and then each group will have their own lunch meeting from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Manufacturing CEOs and owners will meet in one lunch group. The local support partners will meet together in the other lunch group.

The schedule of times and dates are posted on the Accelerator. The location of the events will be given to those who register.

The ripple effects of this program are profound. From job creation and economic stimulation to the fostering of partnerships in education and the development of new technologies, the Accelerator is a catalyst for multifaceted growth. It showcases how community collaboration can forge a path for a brighter and more sustainable future in the manufacturing industry.

Accelerator-rocketAdvantages of Joining the Accelerator 

Joining the Washington State Manufacturing Accelerator benefits you and your local community in numerous ways:

  • Job Creation - By helping manufacturers grow and thrive, the Accelerator supports additional hiring and local employment opportunities.

  • Economic Prosperity - Manufacturing success translates into economic booms for the surrounding region through increased revenue, investment, and spending.

  • Educational Partnerships - The Accelerator facilitates collaboration between manufacturers and educational institutions to develop skilled workforces. This includes research, curriculum development, internships, and apprenticeships.

  • Research & Development - Manufacturers can leverage the Accelerator's resources and partnerships to drive innovation and bring new products and technologies to market.

  • Workforce Development - Members can collaborate with local schools, colleges, and training programs to build a pipeline of skilled workers and enrich the community's talent pool.

  • Internships & Apprenticeships - The Accelerator helps connect manufacturers to local students and trainees for hands-on learning opportunities that benefit both parties.

By joining the Accelerator, manufacturing leaders will help build thriving communities and local economies across Washington State. The program creates ripple effects of job creation, innovation, and prosperity.

Registration Details

If you are a manufacturing CEO or owner, upon registration you will receive an email confirming your registration, access to the in-person event information, and online resources.

If you are a community partner, upon registration you will receive an email confirming your registration, access to the in-person event information, along with the opportunity to be listed on the appropriate community page as a partner and resource for members of the accelerator.

There is no cost or obligation required to join and participate in the Accelerator. The purpose of the Accelerator is to grow manufacturing in Washington State.


The CAMPS Manufacturing Accelerator was developed out of a commitment to the growth and prosperity of the manufacturing sector. The integration of practical tools, collaborative opportunities, and growth-oriented resources promises to drive tangible success for manufacturing companies in the region, thus building more prosperous communities.

The CAMPS Manufacturing Accelerator is not just an opportunity; it's a shared responsibility to build stronger communities, foster innovation, and ignite prosperity across Washington State. By joining forces and leveraging the available resources, we can collectively ensure the resilience and dynamism of the manufacturing sector in the evolving economic landscape.

Do you have more questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions, here.

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