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Intergrity Orthotics

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

CONTACT :Peter DeLuca

Phone: : 1-866-678-4652



Our highly skilled and experienced team has access to a wide range of materials and advanced technologies, allowing them to fabricate whatever you might require to meet your patient’s orthotic needs. Our skilled account representatives are at your service with advice and support whenever you require it. They can provide you with insights related to biomechanical solutions, materials, interpreting the prescription form, and tips for orthotic fitting and adjustments.


The Bio line of prefabricated inserts are a versatile group of devices designed to be highly adaptable for a wide range of conditions. This cost effective line includes both EVA and polypropylene inserts which come with free adhesive components.


Ethically enhance practice income while maximising your orthotic therapy by offering your patients prescription stylish sandals and comfy slippers. Simply cast, prescribe and dispense.


From evidence based blogs and webinars through to our world-class Biomechanics Summer School; we aim to make leading edge research clinically applicable for everyday practice.


We believe in a personal touch. You will have a dedicated Account Manager available to assist you in any way possible. They have had extensive training years of experience in Biomechanics and have come up through the ranks at Integrity Orthotics, giving them a deep knowledge of the lab’s processes and capabilities. They are your advocate at the lab and will ensure that your needs are met and that you and your patients are completely satisfied.

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